iPad Week Two: Going paperless collaboratively?

In week two of our iPad pilot, the power (and efficiency) of having a more paperless learning environment is becoming abundantly evident. Students and teachers both are exploring ways to interact paperlessly, using apps and a little ingenuity to do so.  And the fact that the iPad is portable enough to be with the students and staff everywhere means an unprecedented amount of access to the information they need.   And while the point of this pilot is not to develop a paperless environment, it is […]

Preliminary results — iPads in classroom and libraries

Our recent iPad study has included teachers, individual students and class use. This slideshow summarizes our preliminary results, comments from teachers, and benefits and issues of concern. (Our slideshow seems to be malfunctioning, so I will correct it shortly)(postscript: It is now corrected, see at the end of this post). Recently at Tech Forum Austin, I learned more about Scott Meech’s excellent IEAR.org Educational Apps site, a clearinghouse for apps where community members can share their app knowledge.   In working on our study, it quickly […]