from Internet Librarian conference

I’m attending the Internet Librarian conference and am going to be blogging “live” from the conference!


That way I can share things as I go with any of you on the staff who are interested before I forget them!  Second, I will have a record of things that I learned that I can refer back to.  The third reason is it seems like a fun experiment (although geeky!)   Follow along if you are interested!


Some of the sessions I’m going to attend at the conference have to do with wikis and blogs.  There are also a couple on using electronic books(ebooks) or Ipods in the library.


Another interesting thread is how Google (especially) is changing searching and some of the changes in how search sites work.    Google has a new feature called Google Scholar that allows you to search academic journals and buy the articles you need(These articles are the type of thing you would use in college classes, etc.)   Right now, colleges and libraries pay for databases that search these.   So there is a panel discussion on the effects of this.    It’s starting to turn the search world upside down!


I’ll post ideas or links as I learn more!




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