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At the Internet Librarian conference, Gary Price, (who now works for talked about some helpful websites for use with students.

Newspaper Archive is now free to teachers, libraries, and students and includes Newspaper archives back to 1759!

Exalead is a new search site which has some nice “advanced features” like searching for a phrase or helping you spell a word.
Click on “advanced” to see those features.

Clusty is a nice site for searching as well.  It has a simple screen, but when you sort, it groups the sites into categories so you don’t have as much to sort through.  Great for students!

There are a lot of map sites he recommended–for those of you into maps–try World Wind from Nasa ,  Skyline Globe   or’s new map features (which include a little animation of how to get somewhere on your route!)

Gary Price keeps up with sites like these daily on his site

Happy hunting! 

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