A tribute

On a personal note, I would like to pay tribute to Beth Rogers.  For those readers outside our campus, Beth was the librarian at our ninth grade center, a facility which is attached to my library.

She passed away this morning after a several year struggle with cancer.   She was vivacious, spirited, and smart.  I hate to use the cliche that she was courageous, but she really was.  She worked even when ill to train our new staff before she retired earlier this fall.   She had a varied career, from district librarian in East Texas to State President of ATPE, to librarian at our campus.

I know she might dislike for me to say something in this public a forum, but maybe she’d understand.

I relied on Beth’s common sense and support a great deal, the more reponsibilities I had, probably more than I had realized. I wish I had told her that more often.  

So this is just my reminder to tell people more often about the good that they do and about what you appreciate.  Remember to focus on the important things.  And remember that the contributions you make each day to students and staff go far beyond what you ever truly realize.


2 thoughts on “A tribute

  1. So sorry to hear the news of your loss. No matter how prepare one is for something like this, it never seems to be enough.

  2. I am glad you took the initiative to post about her on your blog. When I first met Beth, I knew she was a strong person! I told her within the first week of starting at Westlake that I would adopt her as my mentor. My first year of teaching, I had a Librarian for a mentor. My last year in my previous district, I was the mentor to our new Librarian. There’s just something about the connection with excellent Librarians that is so motivating in the workplace. But more than that, Beth was a great friend.

    I used to eat lunch with her and Karen almost daily and we would talk about all sorts of work-related things but also about cooking, design, and the movies we watched. We had fun! Such great conversations. I would sit in her office and gripe about all sorts of issues and she was such a great listener and even better at putting things in perspective. She saw me through some really low points in the job and helped me see the things I should celebrate to keep me going.

    When we did happy hours, I would be amazed at how much she could throw down! ha ha

    She was so sweet and so caring about all the staff at school and the students! The lunch ideas, cookie Friday’s, and the “Gross Food” contests were really ploys to get our new staff together so we could check in on them in a nonthreatening environment and to have fun in our hectic days.

    As I have learned more about how she passed and all the things she went through, I still refuse to believe it. I don’t see it like that at all. I believe she has gone out for a ride on a fat-boy Harley Davidson, with the wind blowing through her hair. Motoring down the road with her sassiness and southern-hospitality! She will be missed, dearly!

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