5 thoughts on “Welcome to “cat blogging” Friday!

  1. Hey, I like cat blogs.

    Just working here at Steenbock Library, UW-Madison, WI

    Have to get some posters mounted for display. I made a poster of O.A. and Ethel Allen, who were bacteriologists at UW-Madison, and published Leguminosae, which is a seminal work for their field.

    Ethel just gave 850K to the library when she passed away. Least I could do is make a nice poster.

    Hope all Westlakers are well. Peace! -Matt

  2. Hi Carolyn, This looks like a good thing to do on a Friday. I know that is what my cats do most days – until three in the morning when they want in or out. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I really like that you posted the video by Karl and that David modified. I am going to be cirulating it here, hoping people will start to get the picture. I also like the book video! I will be sharing that with my teachers!! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. I am doing as Janice who blogs at Texas Malahini bade me, and dropping by to leave a comment.

    I’m not a teacher, but I write a lot about learning issues..

    I am also a board member of a private middle school, The Girls’ Middle School, in Mountain View, California. We are in our second year of instituting a laptop program, in which all teachers and all students have and use laptops, and the power of computing is fully integrated into the curriculum. Year one — the faculty were issued laptops and began to craft curriculum changes based on ubiquitous computing. Year two — the sixth grade issued laptops and began the program in the classroom.

    I see a few entries down you have the very funny video on the technology upgrade from scrolls to books.

  4. Liz,

    I’m wondering about the laptop program and how it is going with the student issued laptops? What changes are you seeing at your campus? Problems? Benefits? How do sixth graders handle having the laptops?

    How is the teacher laptop program going as well? I’m guessing teachers are finding that a valuable tool?
    Thanks for dropping by our Friday blogging…!


  5. I am going to give a pass on the laptop questions for now, punting them over to our computer science teacher to answer.

    Instead, I’ll share with you some of the k-12 teaching blogs I follow

    What it is like on the inside

    The totally true adventures of a science curriculum specialist and Teacher Leadership EdD candidate in the Land of Education. Roadmap not included.

    Weblogg-ed.com Will Richardson’s blog on “The Read-Write Web in the Classroom”

    Web 2.0 and School Administrators

    A Passion for Teaching and OpinionsThis blog chronicles the journey of a Social Science teacher at Ukiah High School in Ukiah, California. The views expressed in this blog are my own, and do not reflect the views of Ukiah High School.

    Dana Huff’s Blog. Follow along as her students blog about reading and studying Huckleberry Finn.

    From The Trenches of Public Ed, Dennis Fermoyle, the Public Education Defender’s blog. In this post, he asks about Teachers’ Experiences with Direct Instruction.

    Red Kudu, the blog of an English teacher in Texas.

    I’m RedKudu, a high school English teacher in Texas. I took a non-traditional route to teaching through minimum-wage-world, a rocky detour in my college education that spanned four colleges, and a spin on several roller coasters in the “finding myself” theme park, for which I’m demanding my money back.

    I like teaching more than any of the too-many-to-count jobs I’ve held so far, I love teaching high school students, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with others.

    EduBlog Insights, Anne Davis’s blog on, well, blogging in education.

    My name is Anne Davis. I work at Georgia State University in the Instructional Technology Center in the College of Education as an Information Systems Training Specialist. I work with faculty, staff, and students in the area of instructional technology.

    I am an educator with over 20 years experience as an elementary classroom teacher, an instructional lead teacher, a reading specialist, and an instructional technology specialist.

    One of the favorite parts of my current job is providing instructional technology outreach to practicing teachers, school groups and educational organizations in order to model the integration of technology at all curriculum areas. My projects will be listed on a separate page.

    This EduBlog is a place to reflect, discuss, and explore possibilities for the use of weblogs in education.

    Adventures in Educational Blogging, Sue Sedro’s blog.

    After a year back in White Bear Lake, Minnesota teaching fifth grade in the public schools, I’ve returned to S.E. Asia to try my hand at being a tech coordinator for an international school in Singapore. (Of course, the views expressed here are my own and in no way represent the views of my employer.)

    Blue Skunk Blog, Doug Johnson’s blog which he maintains so that “a convenient way for people to respond to my writing or presentations. This blog might afford such a means. I’m hoping it may also serve as a sounding board for ideas I am currently thinking/writing about. You may well see some of these entries on day as a published article or part of a book.”

    I hope some of your teachers find something to enjoy.

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