Ethical questions

How can we help our students use wise behaviors online?

That question has been getting a bit of discussion lately because of a recent article in the New York Times.

I’ve been thinking it would be interesting to compile a collaborative list of online “ethics” questions for students to discuss and consider.

The article has been getting some interesting discussion in the blogosphere, for example at the Science Leadership Academy.

How do we deal with opening boundaries for students to participate while helping them understand appropriate and ethical choices?


After I wrote this, I ran across this fitting comment at Ed Tech Journeys–entitled “Kill the Messenger.”  Pete Reilly wrote,  “Technology is exposing issues that have always been there. This is a grand opportunity to explore the issues and to hear the message. Let’s learn whatever lessons need to be learned. Let’s not turn the technology off. Let’s turn teaching and learning on.”

I highly recommend the rest of his comments, and tend to agree that many(though not all) of the problems we are dealing with currently are just being exposed by the technology, not caused by it.

3 thoughts on “Ethical questions

  1. I think we need to incorporate some type of ethics in what we are teaching the kids in our classes, and maybe using technology is one way to do it. Anyway, this is my first attempt at blogging. Will have to try this again.

  2. I think young adults today are challenged by the ever changing world of ethics, not just online. Remember when your mother or grandmother told you it wasn’t right to for a girl to call a boy! Now are students are texting each other daily and forwarding on private emails or conversations to numerous people. Somewhere along the way, we lost respect for others privacy. It makes me a little bit nervous.

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