Learning connections

Our technology and staff development committees are moving toward some good synergy and I’m excited about how the ideas from the two committees are coming together.  Next year we’ll have some extra time during the week for teachers to work together, be in a study group, take technology classes, etc. so this planning will hopefully make those experiences more worthwhile.

I was reading an article tonight that struck an interest in me. 

Wouldn’t it be a great experience as a component of our staff development if we could partner with a college, so that education professors could visit our campus and we could visit some college classes?  Depending on when some of us graduated, it’s been awhile since we were in a college classroom and it might be helpful to see where our students are headed.   Likewise, it’s probably been awhile since some professors were in high schools, to see what is going on there.

Or some of the study groups could invite a professor to be part of the study group.  We did that in a study group on poetry a few years ago, and it was really fascinating.

Just an “out there” idea…what do you think?

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