How web 2.0 tools help administrators?

I’m presenting a session at TASSP(Texas Association of Secondary School Principals) this June on how web 2.0 tools can be helpful to administrators.  My main focus will be on how blogs and wikis are tools that can be helpful in working with faculty, parents, and other administrators or committees as well. 

So, I’m interested in finding out from  administrators (on my campus or elsewhere) any web 2.0 tools that you have found useful–things like blogs or wikis, or Pageflakes and RSS feed in general,  or other tools (or even gadgets) that I haven’t mentioned here.

I know a few of my readers are actually principals or  administrators who blog, and so I think it would be a great addition to my presentation to have your comments, tips, or suggestions to share.

Thanks in advance.  The presentation will be shared on a site at TASSP after the conference.

3 thoughts on “How web 2.0 tools help administrators?

  1. I’m very interested in this topic. I’m taking educational administration classes, and I am planning a brief presentation in the next few of weeks on the uses of blogs for administrators. I’m going to keep up with your blog to see what kind of responses you get. I have a blog linked to my library page for reading lists, but it hasn’t had much activity. I haven’t started one for admin stuff yet, but I plan to start one.

  2. What tools do I use? Well, I use a number of them for different purposes. First, I’d have to say my Google Reader is very important as is my edublogs blog. My next tool is my Google homepage although I’m looking at Pageflakes too. On each I have a number of different widgets that keep me informed about different topics and where I keep my ToDo and the Notebook, which I have found to be quite useful. I like using my pbwiki page for planning and the calendar plugin is great. We have a staff page where I ask staff to post all the things coming up and I post all the subs coming in, the presentations, the days I’m away and anything important for the school. As more teachers have used it, the better it has become. I also use my ical for keeping up with all that is going on in my life. I have gone away from any paper for tracking what I am doing – I will make the jump to a PDA soon. My final suggestion is having them set up a social bookmarking account. I use delicious but have a Furlit and Magnolia account. I’m trying them both out. I think that about covers it for now. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.

  3. I blog, though not explicitly as an administrator. That is, there is no link from my school’s page. I don’t shy away from making statements, but certainly think twice or three times before posting.

    What I use:
    the blog: I use it hourly, at least when I’m near a computer.
    bloglines: just added you, for example. It saves me countless hours.
    google docs: I’m also a student. My classmates and I use it to create cohesive notes.
    classroom2.0 ning: the forum bit is better than the blogging feature (I wish Leadertalk was organized this way)


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