Blogging Friday

We haven’t celebrated Blogging Friday in awhile, so today I want to highlight two new bloggers in our district!

Margie Brown, one of our elementary tech coordinators, has started a new blog, K5Tech, which is already impressive.  She’s already been sharing projects going on in our district at the elementary level, and it’s fascinating to see what our younger students are learning already.

Our business and career teacher and a very enthused member of our Vision committee, Vicky Abney, is leaving for Bejing this week, and has started a blog , WHSCareerTech, to share her trip with her students and the staff.  We helped her set up a flickr feed so she can post pictures of her travels, as well. 

I’m excited to see the power of blogs to connect those of us in the same district.   This process will allow all of us to have a window inside of their programs, which will inform all of our teaching.

Happy blogging!

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