One delightful tool we forgot to mention

I see edublogs has started working (now that I am finally home).   I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is fixed.

I sat in on a good session with the Women of Web 2.0 today, and we were talking about handy web 2.0 tools.  But the one we forgot to mention and that hasn’t had much talk about it at the conference was the one I most appreciated tonight on my flight back to Austin–

my iPod.

After taking a bus, subway, having my flight cancelled, changing airlines twice, going through security twice, riding an escalator, elevator, moving sidewalk, and changing terminals two times, I found this tool to be the best possible thing to have with me.

As my flight finally took off from Atlanta, I turned on my iPod, plugged in my earphones, turned on Eliza Gilkyson, and looked out the window at the peaceful moon and finally had a tranquil moment soaring above the clouds.   Now that is the perfect technology item.  It transformed my mood and helped me create my own space to think and daydream and plan.   Add in a good book (Eat, Pray, Love) and I could finally relax.

The conference was great.   Met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot.  But it’s 2 a.m., I just finally arrived in Austin after another hour and a half flight delay in Houston, and I am sooo glad to be home.

More thoughts on the conference tomorrow.

One thought on “One delightful tool we forgot to mention

  1. Carolyn,

    Thanks to all of you who have been blogging from NECC to us stay-at-homes (we have to pay for a wedding this September – maybe I can gallivant next summer!).

    I received an ipod for my birthday but haven’t transferred any music from my mac to the ipod yet. Can you also download books? My daughter loaned me an MP 3 player loaded with 3 novels and some Beatles albums to take on an April trip to Key West, since none of our public library’s offerings are mac compatible.

    The narrators did an excellent job, but I’m a very fast reader and the length of each audio book seemed endless. I also couldn’t use it on the airplane, but that may have been the fault of cheap earphones. I did use it poolside, but I needed to close my eyes to concentrate on the words! I have mixed feelings about non-text books. What’s your opinion?

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