A shout-out

A shout-out to my colleague, Margie Brown,  an elementary CTC in our district, who started blogging recently and is doing an excellent job sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge.   I’m fascinated by the fact that we both attended NECC and had so many different take-aways.  

By the way, edublogs may be having some downtime this weekend due to upgrades…

One thought on “A shout-out

  1. Carolyn,
    Thanks for the shout-out. And thanks for the practical Google Map and Google Earth tips. Building trips with Google Maps, saving them as a kmz file then opening them with Google Earth, may enable more people to create more easily (at home, or on school machines that may not have Google Earth, yet). This also gives students who may not have Google Earth, a chance to create at home. I will be interested to see what students come up with as they get comfortable with this tool.
    I am still reading many blogs about NECC and am continuing to see so many different aspects that I would not have seen without everybody contributing to the blogosphere. I believe I have gotten more out of this conference than any previous ones, mainly because of our ability to continue to dialogue about it with many different people after the fact.

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