Opportunities for change?

iphoneflickrahhyeah.jpg  How do we create opportunities where there are unanticipated problems?   Seth Godin in his post, “Positives, not Negatives” astutely points out that by creating a phone that is more than a phone, Apple has created a problem for other cell phone makers where there wasn’t one before.

“The iPhone is a gift for every cell phone marketer in the world. Why? Because it creates a problem where there was none before. Now, a cell phone is not just a phone. Now, a phone is worth spending money on. So, since Apple created that ‘problem’ in my mind, how are you going to solve it?”

How has web 2.0 created a problem with our “consumers”?  (Or just manifested an existing problem?)  And how are we going to solve it and “market” our product?

As he points out, “Remember, before now, all you could talk about was cheap phones, not great ones. Apple raises the ceiling.”

The ceiling for educators has been raised.  So what are we going to do about it?

Image credit:  flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/ahhyeah/353523675/

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