“Exuberant discovery”

A few days ago, I wrote asking for others to join in brainstorming  how we can bring web 2.0 learning into our libraries.

In his post, “Are Your Ideas Sticky?”, Doug Johnson reminds me that one key part of this is (and maybe the first step) is getting our message across, by keeping it simple and upfront.

Scott McLeod had written about this several weeks ago, inviting a collaborative effort to create a vision statement, and while I created a “sticky note” of my question, I hadn’t really been able to entirely summarize what went “on” my sticky note, at least not concisely.  (Scott, I did see your request for me to “share” mine! )

Since we are completely redesigning our building, our mission has been on my mind, because I have been trying to incorporate web 2.0 “ideas” into our actual space

After reading several writers in my bloglines this morning, ideas are racing through my head and I feel like I am moving closer.   Thanks also to Doug Johnson’s post on exuberant discovery,  Ewan McIntosh’s insightful post about ingenuity, Will Richardson’s comments about passionate learning, and Mabry MS’s logo,

fathersday07-080.jpg   So thinking aloud here, a library 2.0 should be a place of:

  • Exuberant discovery
  • Passionate learning
  • Connected Learning
  • Reflective learning

Our real job is to connect people (staff and students) with ideas.  All the interactions that happen, reading, researching, talking, writing, searching, creating — seem to have to do with that.

So some possible themes for our website, brochures, and logo to capture that–Feedback appreciated! 

The “idea” center

“The library:  Connecting people and ideas”

“The Research Center:  Where Students Connect, Collaborate, Create, and Reflect”

“The Research Center:  Inspiration happens here”

“Discover yourself at the Library”

“Discover yourself at the Research Center”

“Discover yourself at the Center”  

So–this is my shout-out for some of you to  join in on the brainstorming and share your feedback.   

What does School Library 2.0 look like to you?

Image credit:  whslibrary on flickr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/99107397@N00/653396228/

One thought on ““Exuberant discovery”

  1. I love all your naming ideas Carolyn! We decided to have a contest at school to see who could come up with just the right name for our space. I’ll let you know what the winner turns out to be 🙂

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