The “new” librarians

Interesting article in the new issue of T.H.E. Journal about the “new” librarians–it features several Texas librarians as well as a great segment about Joyce Valenza’s “virtual” library.

The article gives some good examples of the changing roles of librarians and libraries in the school setting.  But my favorite part was Joyce’s description of her job –“I help teachers teach. I help learners learn.”

One thought on “The “new” librarians

  1. Carolyn,
    I like the phrase you quoted from Joyce Valenza: “I help teachers teach. I help learner’s learn.”
    As CTCs, that’s what we do too…I know Librarians, sometimes called Media Specialists, and CTCS, some times call Instructional Technology Specialists, often work collaboratively and compliment each other in their expertise.
    Sometime I’d like to create a venn diagram to see how much Media Specialists and CTCs intersect and in what ways we are different…I may be picking your brain for specific aspects of what librarians do here pretty soon.

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