The power of collaboration

Uber librarian Joyce Valenza has created an extremely helpful wiki listing copyright free music and art sites for student projects.  Since it’s a wiki, anyone using it can also contribute sites to it, and create as she calls it, an “uberwikipathfinder” for copyright free media.  The wiki’s sidebar lists links for music, clipart, and even image creation sites.

Recently one of our teachers asked me in a workshop why I like blogging.  This is why–through the power of reading someone’s blog, I discover a tool that I can share with our entire campus and others in our district.   The ability to share resources is an amazing multiplier of our efforts as educators.

In this vein of sharing, another “uber” site that I know of is one from Scott McLeod, at Dangerously Irrelevant, who is asking for contributions to his Moving Forward wiki of tools for schools addressing school change. 

And I’ve been working on a wiki site for our campus as well, which I created to introduce various web 2.0 tools to our staff.  I’m collecting some of these uber sites on my wiki, so if you know of one you’d like to share, let me know.

Update:  One of our teachers requested a summary of copyright law.  This chart is a good resource for that.

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  1. Thanks to Google, I found your blog while doing a search on ‘what motivates you’ for a post I am doing. I am going to go back and look at some of the links you wrote about (August 14th post) but I wanted to let you know I stopped by and have enjoyed visiting. It appears that you live in our most favorite city. We were stationed at Ft. Hood and we are hoping our daughter goes to UT so we can retire for a second time to Round Rock 😉

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