Informed writing

Since participating in dy/dan’s “Four Slide Contest” earlier this summer, I’ve been thinking alot about design.

This little movie about authority of sources is one I’ve been tinkering with for a couple of weeks, hoping to jazz up the concept a little.   I am hoping to add student interviews into the movie later in the year.

Thanks to Ewan Mcintosh for the great quote that started me thinking about this.   And to my son for reminding me to pick interesting music 😉

Sidenote:  After experiencing a lot of technical difficulties with my own laptop as I was finishing the project, I was reminded of the frustrations our students may experience when they are assigned multimedia projects.   I think one of the values of “producing” media ourselves is that we can put ourselves in their shoes, understand better what we are asking of them, and the time, effort, and logistical constraints involved!

Here’s version one, until I get version two completed 😉  There’s also a version with more “tame” music on Teachertube.

Download Video: Posted by technolibrary at

3 thoughts on “Informed writing

  1. I liked your video and plan on using it as an introduction. i would like to learn how to make a video like that!! Thanks

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