K12 Online conference Update!

The K12 Online Conference starts Monday with David Warlick’s keynote address, which will be posted Monday morning(USA time) on the conference website.

 Sylvia Martinez has a great post explaining the conference, if you would like to know more.   She compares it to “comfy slipper learning” because you can learn whenever it’s convenient for you.

The website has added some new areas, like a helpdesk area, which will be activated soon, if you want to participate in the live events, but don’t know how, and a “newbies” area for people new to participating.

We’re planning to host a “house party” in the library here on Monday and show the opening keynote with refreshments to get our teachers started participating.   How about a “tech talk group” for teachers to share outstanding programs from the conference they watch(like a book study group, but sharing good presentations)?  

I’d love to hear of other ways campuses are promoting the event–share here if you like! 

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