When Night Falls Around the World

aug07sunset.jpgWhat if you held a conference and attendees came from every part of the world?   The K12 Online conference concludes this weekend with just such a culminating event–a 24 hour around the world online chat known as “When Night Falls.”

 To “illustrate” that event, the conference organizers have invited participants to join a new flickr group, When Night Falls, and share photographs of night falling around the world.  

nightbangkokflickrsuperkimbo.jpgThe photographs already posted are from places as diverse as Canada, Australia, Bangkok, and even Texas.   It’s  awe-inspiring to look through the photographs and realize that educators from all of the places pictured are attending this conference–it makes it much more concrete how global the conference is.

So, add photos from your corner of the world–Join flickr if you aren’t a member, then head to this wiki for instructions on how to add your photo to the group.   Remember to tag it with k12online07 and whennightfalls as well.

Join the global community and watch night fall around the planet!

Image credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/superkimbo/1027339192/in/pool-whennightfalls/

One thought on “When Night Falls Around the World

  1. It is a great initiative, and very cool to see people’s photos from all over the world. There’s some good photographers out there! There’s a limit of 2 photos per customer… probably a good thing too! I was getting completely carried away deciding what I should put on there!
    Can’t wait to see it really fill up with more pics.

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