Hello from Internet Librarian Schools West!

I was planning to live blog the IL Schools West conference, but unfortunately the one room we are meeting in doesn’t have internet access because we’re not in the conference center, so, I’m taking a quick fire minute break to post an update!

I feel like my limbs are missing since I haven’t been able to blog anything, check email or twitter all day long–I realize how entertwined my work has gotten with my online network!

One of the most interesting sessions I saw today was Aaron Schmidt’s on gaming in the library.  His presentation was clever–he showed images of different video game characters to test our visual literacy(what score would our students make compared to us?) and challenged us to think of the ways that video games help students with skills of reading, collaborating, team building, planning, etc.

I’ll be posting more about that later!

Also I learned of a new Classroom 2.0 self-training site that I’m hoping to share when I get back.  It’s similar to the Library 2.0 program from the California School Library Association, but for teachers.

More later, as I am getting ready to head back into the conference room to hear Mary Bell talk about blogging.   Here’s Mary with her library action figure in the audience from my presentation earlier, which was about web 2.0 tools that librarians can share with their administrators(available on my wiki sidebar)!

california-day-4mtcarmel-037.jpg   Little does she know we have the action figure on our front desk as well! 

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