From the ground up

Fascinating interview with Alvin Toffler in Edutopia which dovetails with my post a couple of days ago about Sir Ken Robinson’s approach to rethinking education.

While I don’t agree with everything that Toeffler says, I do think it’s refreshing to see someone approach this complex problem with some understanding of the complexity and particularly the understanding that what we do should be more integrated across the curriculum, no matter what it looks like.

Well worth a read.  Thanks to Stephanie Sandifer on Twitter for the link!

One thought on “From the ground up

  1. Toffler wants to hear something new; so do I – this stuff has been said repeatedly for at least 20 years.

    The question is how to bring change.

    Cliches like ‘integrated into the community’ don’t cut it. When people are so mobile? When young people have to leave the small towns to get work?

    I think we need lots of small experiments. The one I’d try is letting people after year 6 or 7 drift around and try out different kinds of work. Then train in what they enjoy.

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