Always room for good design

I was fortunate to catch a glimpse via a live Ustream of librarian Jenny Luca’s presentation at a conference in Australia this past weekend, and I wanted to note it for two reasons–

1.  Though I couldn’t hear well, the presentation visuals were so engaging that I wanted to watch it.

2.  She introduced me to a new tool,, for making online presentations.

As I’ve recently written about, design of presentations can be an issue for students, who want to stuff every bit of info possible onto their slides-or who when presenting, simply read from the bullet points on the screen.

Jenny’s presentation, below, is both an excellent example of the power of Sliderocket as well as a great example of how messages can be conveyed in visuals and the speaker adds value with their discussion of them.  (Unfortunately the audio for her live presentation was troublesome, so we can’t hear the actual presentation).   But you can clearly see how she uses the presentation slides as the guide and the inspiration for her presentation.   (You can also see the extensive use of wikis at her campus Toorak College.)

Check it out!

One thought on “Always room for good design

  1. I was thrilled when Jo McLeay told me you were watching the presentation when your blog appeared on one of the slides and it really impressed the audience when they realised the reach that ustream has. Thanks for linking and highlighting the presentation!

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