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In one of the most enjoyable sessions at EdubloggerCon, we had an interesting book discussion about Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody. I’m only on chapter one, but still found the discussion of how we face what is coming and what will happen to schools fascinating. Wish we’d had time to go even deeper into it–this could have been a whole day discussion, really–and so many interesting perspectives we had there.

As we talked, I was thinking about the whole concept of how we think of teaching–traditionally thinking of students like buckets that we fill up versus thinking of the importance of talk and conversation in terms of how students learn. Isn’t one reason that “everybody” is online is for these very conversations and informal learning? So how can we be sure conversation is part of the learning process going on in our schools?

Lastly, the other best part of the session–Will had some of us sitting on the floor which really felt like a book study. 😉

My live blogged notes are below:

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  1. Thanks very much for posting everthing you are participating in Carolyn – I find it invaluable. I was watching various streams coming out last night and will do so again tonight. Might even get to see you in the audience somewhere!!

    Jenny Luca.

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