Using streaming technologies in the classroom

In a session on streaming in the classroom–

Ustream and Mogulus have powerful capabilities for live streaming student events, class projects, etc.

David Jakes is sharing projects using Ustream.

Wendy Smith project with elementary students; video of students in advisory talking about “their technologies” while people in chat room were able to ask the students questions remotely; Wes Fryer session on digital citizenship project interacting with 3 classrooms from other states(including DarrellG’s); Science Leadership Academy broadcast professional development from the Educon conference on eight different channels; Karl Fisch on Colorado conversations again ustreamed; Parents as Partners–partners involved in meeting online via Ustream; SLA students performing a play which was broadcast via ustream.

Jakes — How does this change classrooms when they are permeable and you can extend learning beyond the four walls of the classroom?

Ewan McIntosh–
playoff between asynchronous video and streaming
Channel four in Britain has just TODAY launched “” a tv program which is a social network. Two film crews are going to follow young people for a year and film them.

The medium is the message as much as the content. Traditional media you have a lot of control about what ends up on the screen. Takes time to listen and reflect on what you are seeing.

By contrast, ustream chat isn’t necessarily reflective. The reflection may occur later. And you are able to watch it later on over and over until you get it or to look back on it, as with traditional media.

In UK television increasingly not being watched by younger people. Students are used to doing things when they want. Live streaming issue is that you have to schedule yourself to be there no matter how inconvenient–just like television. The streaming is on when it’s on.

Advantages of streaming–unscripted discussions with people; can get global opinions and it’s not impersonal, helps build a sense of “otherness.” (Playing a cilp of Alisa Miller Ted Talk) showing how skewed the media is in terms of how they present the world news(map of world altered to show how world is presented in mainstream western media barely shows Africa and China and U.S. is huge).

Advantage of streaming is that it allows you to have a better balance of viewpoints–to get people talking about something worthwhile.

Steve Dembo

Is going to show some new tools
Qik and Comet now, which both stream live from your cell phone or portable device.

Steve Dembo–hoping that people are going to start thinking about streaming and how the diversity of the group will come up with good uses for it.

Will is pointing out that these technologies have some downsides and how are we preparing our students with good models for using them? By using these tools for classroom projects, we have opportunities to talk about positive uses of them.

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