Emerging web 2.0 tools in Australia

I’m listening to Trudy Sweeney talking about emerging technologies and how they are being used in global learning. She points out how important it is for teachers to be able to understand what is possible.

Middle years blog:

Pam Thompson –year 6/7 class in Australia working with school in Scotland–using voicethread embedded in blog to share photos, built a “wee wiki”.

Podcasts–Andrew Douch Biology Podcast at Wanganui Park Secondary College

Moodle — online eTeach project–23 innovative educators building learning experiences –open to all students across South Australia

33 educators from Australia here–on a study tour and using a Ning to document their tour and reflections.

Recommend collaboration site on Takingitglobal.org where you can find collaboration partners for global projects–that’s how some of theirs got started, by posting a request there.

As projects become more successful, then it’s easier to have things unfiltered because the projects are so visible worldwide, and it has a positive impact on the school. Getting the foot in the door allows other teachers to see projects and want to become part of them.

“Start small–dream big.” Advise people to start small on global projects and then dream big as they grow.

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