7 things you did not know about me…and more

Paul Wood tagged me for this “meme” (7 things you don’t know about me) but I’d actually like to answer it both personally and professionally.

As a librarian, I think there are lots of things people don’t know about librarians.  And since I have readers all over the spectrum, I thought it’d be fun to share a few of those.

You may not know that:

1.   Librarians like people to ask them questions.  It doesn’t bother us.  It’s our job.  So never feel like you have to apologize for interrupting or for “bothering” us when you go up to a librarian and ask a question.

2.  We have interests in many fields–many of us are generalists–we rarely meet an idea we aren’t interested in.

3.  We like to share.  But we also like it if people share back.  We want to be a two-way street.

4.  Some of us like loud libraries.  It means people are learning.

5.  Librarians are mechanics.  We fix things constantly.  They never mention this much in library school.

6.  A librarian has a collective memory of a place.  So it’s not always so easy to just replace one, or transfer librarians around.   We often hold the collective memory for an entire workplace.

7.  We serve everyone.   But we’re the only people in the school that serve every single student and staff member “instructionally” and intellectually.   Teachers do this as well, but primarily for their own students.

and a few other things about me you may not know?

8.  Hm, should I even admit this?  I guess I will after Paul Wood’s confessions.  After I read the book the Nun’s Story, (which my mother was reading for a class in college), I thought I might become a nun, a nursing nun in particular.   Short-lived idea but formative one.

9.  I based my life particularly on the book Little Women which I read twenty times over growing up.  My sister’s copy which I purloined.   Sometimes I regret this–as perhaps a gothic, romantic novel might not be the best basis for one’s life.  But the best advice in the book–not to let the sun set on your anger–is a notion I have always abided by.  I also always wanted to write in a window seat in an attic, publish a book and have a houseful of children.

10.  I imagine none of you know that I have a 90 year old friend and neighbor named Bill.  He doesn’t have the internet, though he was interested in the level app on my iphone.   But what he does have is a long memory, reminding me that though we go through patches of life where life seems long and difficult and daunting, that time passes, and friends are still there, and the birds still come to the feeder, and the tomatoes still grow in the garden and that we meet new friends and that there is always a friend standing at the fence waiting for you to come out to visit.

The last thing you may not know is that today is my birthday.  So, to all of you, my gift is a reminder–that although we all ‘do’ a lot–remember that it is who you ‘are’ that is most significant and important.  Take a moment to just revel in who you are.  Give yourself a hug, even.

5 thoughts on “7 things you did not know about me…and more

  1. I think of all your posts (and I have read each one!), this one is my favorite. Happy birthday yesterday!

    This morning, I shared this post with the awesome Librarians I had the pleasure of meeting with yesterday. I hope they enjoy this post and share some commentary below.

    I told them today that previous to our meeting, I had one of those days that was just a wreck. But by going in to the library, listening to them, and laughing way too much; I left feeling like I had a good day.

    Libraries and Librarians do that for me. They are so motivational! I often visit these areas when I need that reminder of the reason I am doing my job. When I get bogged down, and Carolyn knows I do this, I visit the Library to get away from the desk, the computer, and the stuff that blocks vision.

    Librarians – you have my utmost respect and admiration. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Happy Birthday Carolyn! You probably don’t even realize how many people you touch in the world of libraries and education, informing our practice and encouraging us all to be better for our kids’ sake. Thanks for all you do and share, from a fellow Texas librarian!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for taking the time to also celebrate librarianship on your birthday. Your list is wonderful and addresses many things that are unknown about our profession.

  4. Hi Carolyn! What a fabulous post. You really sum up the characteristics that a lot of librarians exhibit.

    Do you think you might be interested in giving a presentation for state school library administrators this summer? If you are, please get in touch with me: mwoodard@mesquiteisd.org

    Thank you!

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