“When the world is puddle-wonderful”

e.e. cummings “in Just spring.”   
A puddle-wonderful trend has been rising up in blogs lately about playfulness in libraries, which is so serendipitously-excellent!   Unbeknownst to me when I wrote my own post about play, the Unquiet Librarian and Helene Blowers have both done inspiring work on this as well.  (far better than my post). 
So I had to link back to both the Unquiet Librarian’s post, which includes some really thoughtful questions about using play in our work, and  to also include Helene Blower’s awesome Slideshare presentation here, as well.   (Not wanting to steal but to highlight their fine work that I never would have found without their sharing it!)
More to follow with a post on “adding play” to your physical space. 

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One thought on ““When the world is puddle-wonderful”

  1. Did you get a chance to read Doug Johnson’s blog today? He is thinking about play, too!

    I can’t wait for your upcoming post on adding play to your physical space!


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