Spread a little good karma

Thanks to Kathy Ishizuka on Twitter, I found out about the creative Library-Lovin challenge, which is a wonderful way to raise money for libraries.   This great idea began with Jennifer Hubbard, and challenges a group of library bloggers to pledge monetary donations to their local libraries based on blog comments they receive!  So if you follow the links to the blogs above and add comments, they will donate even more!

I’d like to join, but since I’m a tad financially constrained, I’ve decided to issue the same challenge but do it a little different vein.

For every comment on this blog post,  instead of directly donating money, I’m promising to click on the Literacy Site.  For each daily click, the Literacy Site donates money to Room to Read, a fund which establishes libraries, and to First Book, which provides free books to disadvantaged children.  So if I get 20 comments, I’ll click on the LIteracy Site twenty days in a row, donating 20 times; 30 comments, 30 times, etc.

I hope you’ll consider adding a comment here and above at the other library blogs in support of reading and libraries, and spread a little good reading karma out into the blogosphere!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Spread a little good karma

  1. As a SpEd teacher working on my reading licensure and an all-around lover of literacy, this is a commendable project! Thanks for doing it 🙂

  2. My son works at parish library. He gets to order the books and loves it so! I’m double-loading by clicking on the link and leaving a comment.

  3. What a great cause. I’ll click for myself, but would love if you’d click one for me too 🙂

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