How easy is it to connect? A simple recipe

Take one part having a few Twitter contacts. Add one enthused teacher who wants to try out Skype.

Dial up a few friends on Skype randomly(who you met via Twitter). Hope someone is nice enough to turn on their webcam to demonstrate (thanks Karl) and off we go.

Now we have a teacher in Texas who might have made a contact with an ASL teacher in Colorado, and all it took was a little “six degrees of separation”. When anyone wonders about the power of Twitter or Skype for educators, case closed.

Though this experience I had today has become somewhat commonplace for some of us who use Skype or Twitter, it still never ceases to thrill me to actually talk “live” to people that I have met over the network or to see a teacher’s face when they use the tools for the first time.

And it does demonstrate how easy a global connection is–it doesn’t always require a program, a huge effort, or a large expenditure of funds. It just requires the way the network allows us to “know someone” who “knows someone” who “knows someone.” And it requires the friendliness of educators always willing to give someone a leg up, show them the ropes and be invitational.

That’s the best thing about being involved in a network, when it comes right down to it. Broadening a circle of both friends and colleagues–learning from people every day who are willing to share and learn with you–and reinvigorating what you do every day.

So thanks Karl, (and Dean) and Barbara(and my old friend Bob who I met in another network long ago and far away) for showing once again how easy it is to connect.

3 thoughts on “How easy is it to connect? A simple recipe

  1. Feel free to call me on Skype anytime when showing off video conferencing etc… I’m at my desk most of the day.

  2. I am so glad you were able to get that to work with her. I tried for years to share the value of Skype with her but she didn’t think the video would match the speed of her hand movements. We couldn’t get things to work when Skype was banned by the powers that be.

    I am thrilled this is working for her and I hope it spreads to others who want to use Skype for connecting to the outside world.

    Great job Carolyn!

  3. Carolyn,

    I have been listening to some of the BLC conference sessions that Bob Sprankle audio taped during the conference. Right now I am listening to Alan November and he is saying some great things about the power of networks. You might want to check it out. You can search for Bit by Bit or Bob Sprankle to find his podcasts.

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