Thanks for the inspiration…

It’s time for the Edublogs awards for 2009!

And without further ado–here are my nominations:

Best individual blog
Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk Blog –Why didn’t I put Doug’s blog with library blogs?  Because I don’t think we need to segregate the two, for one thing–and also, I think Doug’s writing and humor is worthwhile to all readers. He’s funny, witty, concise and has great insights.

Best individual tweeter

Stephen Colbert    @stephenathome   –Okay, so maybe he’s not an education tweeter, but I didn’t want to play favorites, and  he always makes me laugh because  he tweets during his own show.

But if I had to pick today, I’d pick @jenwagner–because she makes me think outside the box.

And close third, @ChristianLong because he tweeted from the roof of his house while putting up Christmas ornaments!

Best class blog

Christian Long’s Alice Project — Christian uses this blog as a springboard for his students who are all blogging on Alice in Wonderland.  His students have taken off on this project and made the writing their own.   His use of a jury of educators from other schools at the end of the project is intriguing.

Best resource sharing blog

Free Tech 4 Teachers— Always something here to inspire or to pass along to my teachers(one of whom actually told me about the site!)

Most influential blog post

Wes Fryer  Debating the propriety of blanket censorship by school IT departments — This post led to some interesting exchanges between teachers, IT staff, librarians, etc.  and opened up some much needed dialogue.

Close second would be several posts about the future of  libraries, including Joyce Valenza’s, Doug Johnson’s, BudtheTeacher’s, Scott McLeod’s, Buffy Hamilton’s and Karl Fisch’s and Darren Draper’s earlier this year.  In fact, this discussion is probably my first choice, but I wouldn’t know who to pick as leading this discussion, since it’s been an evolving discussion all year.   But as a librarian, I’ve been grateful that this discussion is going on outside library venues and that thought provoking questions are being asked that help all of us think through the future of libraries.   I think this is one of the most important discussions that has rambled through the blogosphere this year.  Is there a category for most important discussion that has hopped from blog to blog?

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
Discussion of what skills a 21st century librarian needs    started by  Darren Draper/Karl Fisch; documented here and here (great discussion)

Best teacher blog

Anne Smith — Learning and Laptops When I am looking for examples to show teachers of how blogging in the classroom can help them share their work and connect with others, Anne’s blog is one of the first ones I go to.   It’s very naturally incorporated into her teaching practice and is a great model.

Best librarian / library blog

Buffy Hamilton The Unquiet Librarian — Buffy is not only a resource sharing wonder, she provides an excellent model of the 21st century librarian.  Her work is inspiring and her dedication is amazing.

Best educational wiki

Joyce Valenza  Springfield Township Library –  Joyce is a master at collecting incredibly useful materials and organizing them on wikis for her students and others to use.  Her wiki on copyright free music has been a lifesaver on many projects that we do in our library.
Lifetime achievement

Karl Fisch — Fischbowl Okay, maybe it hasn’t been a lifetime, but by his single efforts at his own school, he has brought many teachers on his campus onboard as bloggers and writers, and provided a tremendous model for his staff, students and for the rest of us.

I’m going to add one category of my own, which is best Leadership blog.  I think this needs a category of its own.   If there were one, I’d nominate Scott McLeod (since I have already nominated Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson elsewhere).   Scott asks probing questions and challenges school leaders(and others)  to question their assumptions.

This is the first time I’ve nominated for the awards, and going through the process has inspired me–we all work with such talented educators who have so much passion for what they do.

Kudos to those of you nominated, and to every blogger who makes the effort to share the work you do with others.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the inspiration…

  1. I have said as much about the need for an admin or leadership category 2 years in a row. Be sure to tweet that to EB and Sue Waters. The more they hear it, the more likely it will be added. I’m but a lone voice. I 2nd your nomination in the proposed category.

  2. Thanks so much for thinking so highly of me. I feel pretty honored too that you included me with The Karl Fisch. You are too kind. I will try to live up to the high expectations.

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