Empowered in the library

As the district librarian, I often get to witness the inspiring work done by other librarians in our district.

One of our elementary librarians, Linda Fredrickson, at Barton Creek Elementary, has a great program for students in her library.  She has a library council, composed of students, who help with events/plans for the library and meet on a regular basis. It’s a great way to empower students to feel that it is “their” library and that they are a key part of making decisions.

To support the annual Bookspring Read-a-thon which our district participates in to raise money for books for other Austin schools, her library council decided to create their own Animoto video.  

They took the photos, edited them in Picasa, and shared the video at their school assembly.

Great to see empowered elementary students at work!

3 thoughts on “Empowered in the library

  1. Great work! I am sitting in Ulricehamn, Sweden preparing a workshop for an international library conference we will hold here next week and needed some inspiration. Thanks for that and good luck with the empowerment!!

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