21st Century Education is the Real reform

For National Day of Blogging for Real Reform day, I’m re-sharing my HuffingtonPost article from a couple of weeks ago, 21st Century Education is the Real Reform.

We need to honor and listen to the stories of innovative educators like the ones mentioned in my post above (and their students) around the globe–and instead of fostering an atmosphere of negativity towards the teaching profession, honor the creativity, dedication and ingenuity of those teachers and the many more who are innovating but perhaps aren’t blogging about their experiences.

The real reform?  Really listening to and respecting the voices of educators, and believing in their stories.  Believing testing and achievement scores aren’t even the right question and listening to teachers who know so.

Ask them, they’re out there.  And they have ideas to share.  Maybe then the “real reform” of envisioning the future can begin.  Thank you ASCD for asking.

My previous post:  Reflective practitioners need not apply may also be of interest.

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