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salem pressDo you have some “go-to” library blogs?   The Salem Press Blog Awards 2011, started last year,  gives you an opportunity to give credit to those bloggers that you rely upon and value.  There’s still a little time to submit nominations–nominations can be submitted until May 13 by emailing ptobey@salempress.com with the link of the blog and a brief summary.

Once the judging is completed and finalists are selected, the list of blogs will be open to voting.  Another excellent thing about the Salem Press awards is that the judges are all librarians;  they’ve also increased the number of judges this year, including some of last year’s winners.

(Caveat: I’m honored to say that as a previous winner in the Salem Press Awards (2nd place School library category in 2010), I’ve been asked to be a judge this year, and am the only school librarian on the panel.  I want to see more school librarians on this list next year!)

For your nominations, categories this year include:

The following are our expanded categories for 2011:

General: Blogs providing broad discussions of library topics and

Academic: Blogs targeting academic librarians and academic

Public: Blogs addressing the challenges and triumphs of public

School: Blogs covering topics relevant to school libraries and K-12

Local: Institution-specific blogs promoting the interests of a public,
academic, or school library

Commercial: Professional blogs written for profit, generally tied to a
trade publication

Newcomer: Blogs by next-gen librarians who have only recently
started blogging

Quirky: Character-driven blogs covering an array of library topics
that defy categorization”

When the awards are over, Salem Press posts a comprehensive list of all of the blogs nominated.  Last year’s school library list of nominees is an excellent starting point for discovering “star” library bloggers, or  to get ideas for nominations for this year.   (Last year’s final winners have to sit out a year before their nominations can be considered again).

Please contribute to the nominations and represent the diversity of school library blogs!

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