Ice day inspiration…learning from afar

Today we had an “ice day.”  (Although the ice didn’t quite materialize).  So I’ve been at home getting to sleep in and enjoying tweets from the #NCTIES15 conference to jumpstart my day, which is why I love love love that people tweet from conferences.

Kevin Honeycutt gave an inspiring (judging by the tweets) keynote this morning, and I wanted to share a few gems because it was so motivational to me(and by posting it, now I won’t forget them!)

Personalize!   Kevin personalized his keynote podium rather than use the boring podium provided.  Reminds me that when we personalize our spaces and let our quirky selves fly, it lets people know who we are.  I’d never thought of doing it during a presentation, but I loved that idea.  Also, check out his “do it yourself” document camera idea for classroom stations!

Some other inspiring Honeycutt moments heard through Twitter:

What days at school do you remember? Something cool happened.

Let kids personalize their learning environment. Learning is deeply personal. Challenge inventive thinking.

WE are a species that is designed to learn in motion!

Don’t die with a trunk full of brilliance. SHARE, SPEAK!!

“Don’t be a secret genius”

Record excellence. I want every kid to have that moment were we hold them up and they see their goodness…

“Anoint and Appoint these Jedis that you have”

Teach digital in analog–Twitter bulletin board. Use Velcro to stick tweets on board. Changes

Relationships are the un-common core.

“Most great classroom innovations die of domestic violence.”—Kevin Honeycutt on why administrators must support innovators.

: Build the filter between their ears not a mechanical one says

Students are going to use these devices for the rest of the life – we need to let them rehearse now!

“We have great stories to tell. Take photos & videos and SHARE. If YOU don’t have time, let kids take the camera!”

“I am smart but my network is powerful.”

Once you start thinking like an inventor you can’t stop.

: Thoughts from

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: “We divorce kids from their passions by doing the same thing every day.”

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Thanks to all of you who tweeted the keynote, and thanks Kevin, for the inspiration!

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  1. Thanks, I’m deeply touched by your interest in what I had to share with these NC educators.

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