E-book market update

It seems like I’ve been on an e-book tear lately but with the market changing so rapidly, I find it helpful to share. Today I met with a representative from Baker and Taylor who shared their new e-book product.  Their marketing I find a bit confusing because of so many different product names, but their digital media library is called Axis360.   When you begin using Axis360, your site is fairly standard across their platform, but they can customize your logo and a couple of other […]

E-book advocacy

Or  news  from the quagmire that is the e-book market…. In Kansas State librarian Jo Budler’s session at ALA Midwinter,  “Do I Own These E-books or Not,”  Budler summarized the issues that Kansas State had faced with Overdrive’s e-book contract, which in its earlier iteration, allowed libraries to “keep” their content after discontinuing Overdrive.   The newer version of the contract uses different languaging so for many libraries, the experience she had is perhaps a moot point.  But what I learned from the session was to […]