Flashing back–web tools for administrators

Kim Cofino twittered a link for her excellent presentations for the TeachIt! conference this morning, which reminded me that I hadn’t ever shared my presentation from the Internet Librarian session I did on Web 2.0 tools that librarians could share with their administrators. So in the interest of sharing resources, here are my slides: [slideshare id=144623&doc=il2007-1193251903222853-4&w=425] Several administrators, including one of our own, as well as Patrick Higgins and Dennis Richards, sent greetings for the participants in VoiceThread to open the session. Other things I shared which aren’t in the slides– The Podcasting […]

Remembering our “customers”

As I come away from Internet Librarian and try to pull together a thread running throughout the conference, I would say it is this: Web 2.0 is here to stay, but we must be cognizant of our users, whether they are “library patrons” or students or teachers. This theme has been running around the blogs recently as well. Sarah Palmer, a librarian at the American Bar Association, did an excellent presentation on suggestions for how to introduce users to web 2.0 tools. Since she works […]

Welcome to Internet Schools West participants

  If you’re attending Internet Schools West and visiting my blog for the first time, welcome! To find pages on web 2.0 tools or the link to my conference notes, check out the wiki page. My presentation slides can be found on Google presentations.    If you’re interested in using VoiceThread in the library, here’s an example on databases versus google.  And here’s an example of using TeacherTube and digital video to convey a lesson on the authority of sources to students.   Or here’s an interview we did […]

Website smorgasbord

My plan this evening was to write a beautifully coherent post about many of the websites, tools, and strategies that I’ve heard about at Internet Schools West the last two days.   But just as I was starting to write, there was an earthquake here in Monterey, so I had to leave the room and sit downstairs for awhile.  So…it’s a couple of hours later, and all is now calm, but to distract myself, I’m going to post some websites that I learned about today, in no […]

Balancing act

   Yesterday morning (since I woke up at 4 a.m.–still on CST, evidently), I walked down two blocks to the cove at Pacific Grove(near Monterey, California).   If you look closely at the photo you can see the seals balanced on the rocks here, scooting themselves onto the boulders in the cove, while the waves crash up against them.  They move slightly with the waves, but adjust themselves by lifting a fin, or raising their tail, and somehow manage to stay balanced on the rocks.  Meanwhile other seals frolic and […]

Hello from Internet Librarian Schools West!

I was planning to live blog the IL Schools West conference, but unfortunately the one room we are meeting in doesn’t have internet access because we’re not in the conference center, so, I’m taking a quick fire minute break to post an update! I feel like my limbs are missing since I haven’t been able to blog anything, check email or twitter all day long–I realize how entertwined my work has gotten with my online network! One of the most interesting sessions I saw today […]

Learning all around us

Something about being in a different place, or maybe a place so rich with literary history, makes you realize that learning isn’t just something that can go on in school, but all around you. The Monterey area is like an outdoor learning laboratory–you hear sea lions barking at night or can watch them from the wharf, you can explore tide pools or watch sea otters swimming off shore–or you can look out and see farms much like John Steinbeck must have seen 75 years ago. […]

A must-read

In this “must read” post, Joyce Valenza challenges librarians to climb on the front of the wagon-train and be leaders of this new educational expedition.  But I believe her challenge applies to all educators as well. Thanks to SC Morgan from Twitter for the tip! (The only comment I’m not sure I agree with is that the outside world isn’t reading our blogs, because I do think they are!) But I think that clearly, change is something we must embrace, support, and investigate.  Maybe we […]

Library bloggers

 InfoToday, who hosts the Internet Librarian conferences, has posted a list of bloggers attending this year’s Internet Librarian West at the end of October; while this is a small conference, it is a powerhouse collection of librarian technologists.     This is a  great list of bloggers to get a preview of what’s going on in libraries and technology today, ranging from public, to school, to academic libraries; I feel honored to be on the same list!   By the way, the technorati and flickr tags are il2007 or ISW2007 if you want […]