Can we ever go “back”?

  I just caught the end of the Democratic “YouTube” debate.  As I was watching the follow-up discussion by some of the “you-tubers” who prepared videos,  one of them mentioned that he thought we could never go back to the traditional debate format.   This format felt much more spontaneous and authentic.  Others, including the candidates, seemed to agree. After watching this, I think about those of us in education. Are we doing enough to incorporate these tools which can turn a sometimes static and prepared presentation in a classroom into […]

Journalism, the web, and Molly

  I was fortunate enough to hear Molly Ivins speak at the University of Texas in November, when she won the Mary Alice Davis Distinguished Lecturer award.   Her concern that night was the future of journalism; specifically, the future of newspapers.   I have thought of her insights often the last few months. She was aware that because of the instant availability of news online, that newspapers were going to have to change, and she felt that because large conglomerates have been purchasing many urban newspapers, […]