In “perpetual beta”

In her presentation at NECC on information fluency, Joyce Valenza  described how she sees herself as “version 1.8,” in perpetual beta, because she is always learning. What a great way to project to your students and staff that you are always in the process of “upgrading” and exploring new things. She pointed out that students often settle for a “good enough/why bother” point of view when it comes to searching and using information, and that both teachers and librarians need to “own” this problem, and ask more […]

How can schools possibly innovate?

I’m distressed.  I just finished reading this article in the New York Times, which is on the front page of today’s print edition—“Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops.” I’m trying to imagine a similar headline:  “Seeing no use for them, Google drops laptops”….or “Seeing no purpose for them, NyTimes drops laptops.” When are we going to get that laptops, internet, and technology are here to stay and becoming more and more part of our lives and our students’ lives? I was very disappointed in […]