Pieces loosely joined

   What follows is a random assortment, pieces loosely joined, from sessions that I attended at NECC.  I’m sharing these fragments here as a way of helping myself make meaning of them, and to invite discussion of these significant questions for schools, and for libraries specifically.  Feel free to share your thoughts. Barbara Kurshan–from Curriki– Linear versus random knowledge.  We learned in a linear fashion, page 1-60.  Our students are accustomed to a more random learning pattern–seeking what they need to know. This is a […]

In “perpetual beta”

In her presentation at NECC on information fluency, Joyce Valenza  described how she sees herself as “version 1.8,” in perpetual beta, because she is always learning. What a great way to project to your students and staff that you are always in the process of “upgrading” and exploring new things. She pointed out that students often settle for a “good enough/why bother” point of view when it comes to searching and using information, and that both teachers and librarians need to “own” this problem, and ask more […]

Already planning for NECC 08?

I’m so thrilled that NECC08 will be in San Antonio, because it’s one of my favorite cities and favorite getaways (and I’m sort of a local, being from Austin). So, since it’s summer and I was thinking about it, I have put together a wiki for planning your trip to San Antonio in 2008 (never too soon to start !).   I’ve stayed at, eaten at, or visited almost all of the places on the lists, so these are based on personal experience. I’ll add more as […]

On the subway

I rode the subway to the Atlanta airport yesterday.  The people getting on looked weary, for the most part, weary, footsore, and like they worked hard.   I started thinking about the session at NECC on Digital Equity that Barbara Bray told me about, and about Joyce Valenza’s comments about how it’s a responsibility of educators to be aware of equity and access issues for their students, to fight for them to have access, and to help locate tools for them that are free.   I was thinking […]

Two weeks to go…

It’s less than two weeks until the NECC Computing conference in Atlanta! I’m very excited to get to attend an Edubloggercon, which is a sort of self-organized conference of bloggers who are attending the larger NECC conference.  The participants are using a wiki to volunteer to organize different sessions and NECC has donated space for us to meet.  It’ll be my first time to meet most of the teachers and writers whose blogs I read. If you are interested, and want to participate from afar, there is a […]