The Long View

I’m joining Patrick Higgins today via Skype for a workshop he’s conducting on web 2.0 for teachers in his district.   The plan is for me to share the Vietnam Wall project that our English 3 AP students completed last spring, so I’ve been looking through my post about it, re-viewing some of the student projects, and looking at the wiki we created to support the project. In looking back (and looking forward), I can see so much better how to work with the other teachers […]

Making the potion: Focusing on the research process

A few days ago, I wrote about reflective learning, and really identified with Will Richardson’s and David Warlick’s comments about focusing on the learning and community, and how the process sometimes gets lost in the production of the product.   Ironically, as I was reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix last night, I noticed that Harry has difficulty in Snape’s Potions class.  Frequently his “product” doesn’t meet Snape’s expectations.   After some discussion with Hermione and reflection, Harry realizes that he needs to slow down and […]

Videoblogging “Espanol” style!

Antes del fin de escuela mañana, los estudiantes de la clase de Sra. Garza se prepararon el “videoblog”– Students from our Spanish AP class prepared this videoblog from their class for the Notes in Spanish videoblog project on YouTube.   Our staff and I helped slightly with the video editing process and uploading the project, but the students did all the work!    One of the students in the film is the chairperson of our Vision technology committee, as well! [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Not only […]

Blogging with parents

Karl Fisch at Arapahoe High School shared an interesting project going on at his campus–teachers covering the novel 1984 are asking parents to voluntarily read and blog along with the students. One fascinating aspect of it is that the teachers asked the students to blog about some “blogging expectations” for their parents.   It’ll be interesting seeing how the parent participation piece goes.   I’m thinking it will be a great way for parents to empathize with their students about the amount of work they are doing […]

Global Connections

   I’ve been working the last month or so on a project with one of our English teachers, Marcia Curtis, relating to the novel Kite Runner.  She was interested in connecting with a school in Afghanistan so that students could interview students there, or communicate with them directly in some way.  We did quite a bit of searching and I ran across an organization that builds schools in Afghanistan, and she contacted them about finding students to share with. The director emailed her back– “Unfortunately […]

Offshoring student assignments

This international project from Clarence Fisher at the blog Remote Access is fascinating.   Students from four countries are participating in what he calls an “international assembly line” on a research question.  Students in  schools in Kuala Lumpur and Columbia are providing one part of the project and then students in Canada and the United States will complete it and put the multi-media together.   They are using a wiki to plan the project. I should add that these are middle school students participating in this global learning opportunity.