#FReadom Fighting – It’s about our students!

I am a #FReadom fighter who believes fundamentally that students deserve to see themselves reflected on the shelves of the library.  As our culture becomes more aware, open, and inclusive, our students do too, and they expect and hope to see themselves reflected in their own schools and in books in their libraries.  Recently, my colleague Becky Calzada reminded us in an interview with CNN: “Growing up in South Texas, Calzada says she didn’t see herself represented in books as a young girl. ‘I grew […]

How do books get our attention? Library purchasing stories…

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of a panel of librarians at the Educational Books & Media Association conference in Austin, Texas.  Why were librarians there?  It was an experiment to allow publishers to get more in touch with how librarians discover book titles and how our ordering processes work. Whenever we have the opportunity to build bridges between librarians and other professionals it is a great chance for improved understandings!  (This is an example of why saying “yes” leads to unexpected learning […]