Celebrating 10 years of Edublog awards!

The Edublog Awards are here and it represents a decade of celebrating educational blogs.   Why are the awards important?  Because in the days when we used to have to fight to have blogs even allowed in our schools, Edublogs was there, encouraging us to write.   And now students and teachers and librarians are blogging and celebrating sharing their work and ideas, and Edublogs has helped nurture that community.  So thanks, Edublogs! I only have time to make a few nominations but I want […]

Annual Edublogs Awards!

Time to nominate some of your favorite blogs for the annual Edublogs awards, sponsored by the wonderful folks at Edublogs! For more information on how to nominate a blog, check out the instructions here.  For those of you newer to the process, nominations by everyone are welcome, so join in to nominate your favorites! I’m not into this because of the “contest” part of it, but because it affords me the opportunity to consider what I’m currently reading and thinking about in terms of the […]

Listening to teacher voices

Dear Brian Williams and NBC– NBC recently announced that they are hosting a series called Education Nation taking place across all their networks the entire week of September 26.  The project is a laudable goal, and one always holds out hope for a “real” conversation about these issues.  Yet when I looked through the speakers at the summit, I noticed to my surprise not one educator,  principal, teacher, or prominent education writer/blogger, or author was included in the summit.  Yet you did include several reporters from your network, […]

So, what can we do?

In the last few days I’ve been following the simmering discussions that spun off of work by Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson, eminent librarians and leaders in our field, about the issue of 21st century librarians and what responsibility we all have to embrace new technologies. It’s been fascinating reading the excellent blog discussions that have ensued, and reading subsequent blog posts by Joyce, Buffy Hamilton and Doug Johnson, among others. But still what resonates most with me is Doug Johnson’s question–“How can we give […]