TCEA 7– Developing Expert Voices

Darren Kuropatwa session discussing project based learning and designing driving questions.  Session Notes and slides for session. Project Based learning is NOT teaching everything they need to know before they start the project.  They are still tied to the curriculum, you don’t know the driving questions are ones the students need to create, etc.  So there is a stress level there for teachers starting it. Assessment should allow new evidence of student achievement to replace the old evidence (student gets better–how does evidence reflect that?) […]

TCEA Area 7 Keynote– Darren Kuropatwa and Storyfinding

Darren’s keynote is about the power of telling stories, so these notes are not going to reflect the story very well.  But perhaps they will give readers access to his ideas and stories he shared. This began at a conference on “problem finding” — about helping students find real problems to solve gave Darren the idea for storyfinding. Links can be found here: We are the stories we tell.   In a classroom think of the power of when students came into a classroom with […]