Celebrating 10 years of Edublog awards!

The Edublog Awards are here and it represents a decade of celebrating educational blogs.   Why are the awards important?  Because in the days when we used to have to fight to have blogs even allowed in our schools, Edublogs was there, encouraging us to write.   And now students and teachers and librarians are blogging and celebrating sharing their work and ideas, and Edublogs has helped nurture that community.  So thanks, Edublogs! I only have time to make a few nominations but I want […]

Edublog Awards addendum part 3

When I was completing the Edublog Awards, I realized how few “new” bloggers I promote or read regularly.  (In fact, one of the things that appeals to me about the awards is that it brings so many new blogs to my attention).  Recently, this blog from the “new school librarian” Melissa Corey cut through the “internet clutter” and caught my eye.   A self-proclaimed geek with a human touch, in her profile, she beautifully describes what a “new school librarian” looks like: Yes, I am new on […]