Enabling Better Collaboration – an ISTE conversation

Part of the ISTE conference that I usually enjoy the most is the Unconference,( which after various name changes is  currently known as HackED Con), typically held on the Saturday prior to ISTE at the conference center.  If you aren’t familiar with the unconference concept, it is an all day, all voluntary conference organized by the conference attendees, who upon arriving, suggest and vote on sessions for the day. A series of conversations were selected for the Saturday, including personalized learning, makerspaces, global collaborations, etc. […]

The issue isn’t “books”

What makes a library a library?  This discussion has been rambling around the blogosphere and press for much of this year. To add to the ongoing discussion, yesterday’s New York Times debate  “Do School Libraries Need books?” examines the widely publicized decision that the Cushing Academy(MA)  made to remove all of their library books and create an entirely digital school library, and then invites four experts to weigh in on Cushing’s decision.  The “experts” weighing in all felt like it’s important to retain books in a library […]