iPad pilot: Year Two

In their most recent issue, School Library Journal featured our iPad pilot in the article, iPads for Everyone.   As we are entering year two of a 1:1 deployment, I notice interesting changes, (which I’ve also written about in Internet @ Schools).  Most significantly, I see iPads becoming just another tool in our students backpacks.   Chris Lehmann often comments that technology should be “ubiquitous and invisible”–just a part of student learning.  More and more, instead of focusing on the “iPads” and apps, I see teachers […]

So, what can we do?

In the last few days I’ve been following the simmering discussions that spun off of work by Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson, eminent librarians and leaders in our field, about the issue of 21st century librarians and what responsibility we all have to embrace new technologies. It’s been fascinating reading the excellent blog discussions that have ensued, and reading subsequent blog posts by Joyce, Buffy Hamilton and Doug Johnson, among others. But still what resonates most with me is Doug Johnson’s question–“How can we give […]