Where is student voice at SXSWEdu?

During SXSWEdu, I heard a fascinating panel with Adora Svitak and Nikhil Goyal, along with Charles Tsai and David Cutler .  They were both articulate and passionate, and many participants crowded around to talk to them after their panel(not that they didn’t deserve that attention and interest).   It struck me how often we treat students who present at conferences as celebrities, or like a novelty. And yet students are the very individuals that we are at SXSW Edu (or any ed conference) to discuss, […]

Annual Edublogs Awards!

Time to nominate some of your favorite blogs for the annual Edublogs awards, sponsored by the wonderful folks at Edublogs! For more information on how to nominate a blog, check out the instructions here.  For those of you newer to the process, nominations by everyone are welcome, so join in to nominate your favorites! I’m not into this because of the “contest” part of it, but because it affords me the opportunity to consider what I’m currently reading and thinking about in terms of the […]