Get “appy” — Apps for librarians

I often remind people that it’s not “all about the app,” but about the learning we want to encourage.   We can keep a set of standard apps in our toolkit, but if we really need an app, we can certainly go “searching” for one.  It’s important to keep focused on the real purpose. That being said, there are some very helpful(and some creative) apps that streamline work for librarians, help support student research, and are useful for instruction, so our middle school librarian, Heather […]

Library Design with Intention

In my recent presentation at TCEA2013, I shared ideas for rethinking/revamping library design to meet the needs to students and teachers.   Most critical to our approach is to take an intentional view of our own spaces–to look at them as a stranger would and identify  obstacles to use, observe how students are learning in the library space, notice the impacts of technology on how your library functions, ask students and teachers what they would like.   Prakish Nair, of Design Share, suggests that we create […]