Carolyn Foote

I’m a “techno” librarian and consultant, recently retired/rewired from a  suburban high school in Austin, Texas and currently engaged in advocacy for intellectual freedom.

I’m passionate about how technology tools can transform schools, fascinated by library and classroom design for 21st century schools and interested in overall library advocacy student voice and school reform.   I’m a frequent presenter and author because I believe it is powerful to share ideas beyond our own “four walls.”

I welcome you to contact me at technolibrary @ gmail or cfootework @ gmail or to find me on Twitter at @technolibrary.  I am also part of the Texas @freadomfighters team, a group fighting for intellectual freedom in libraries.  We can be contacted at thefreadomfighters @ gmail.com or at our Twitter account, @freadomfighters


Articles about:

Meet the FReadom Fighters Taking on Book Bans and Online Abuse (People Magazine Women Changing the World)

We’ve Moved Backwards: US Librarians Face Unprecedented Backlash (Guardian)
The Librarians Fighting Book Bans (Slate podcast) 
74 Interviews FReadom Fighters cofounder – Why Librarians Matter (74 Million)
Meet the Texas Librarians Fighting Book Bans (Houston Chronicle)
Some School Librarians Fed up With Book Bans are Fighting Back (CNN)
Books Disappearing from Texas Schools in Record Numbers (NBC News)

Recent Keynote Presentations:

Utah UCET/UELMA Conference Keynote March 2024 (upcoming)
Telegraphing the Future

Southern Westchester BOCES School Library System keynote 2023
Being Proactive: Tips to Fight Censorship

Nebraska Library Association Keynote 2022
Working Together to fight for Intellectual Freedom

SXSWEDU 2022 Keynote

Keynote: When Culture Wars Come to Schools

Honors and Media:

AASL Intellectual Freedom Award 2022
ALA Robert Downs Intellectual Freedom Award 2022
TLA Libraries Serve Communities Award 2022
AASL School Library Collaboration Award 2019
Project RUSL grant mentor 2020-2022
Lilead Fellow 2017-2018
Finalist– AASL Social Media Superstars for Luminary Leadership 2018
Chair – TXLA MVP Award Committee
Advisory board – ALA Center for the Future of Libraries
President, TCEA Lib-Sig 2016-2017
Advisory board – School Library Connection
White House Champion of Change 2013
Attendee – ALA Summit for the Future of Libraries
Columnist for Internet @ Schools magazine
former columnist for School Library Journal
Blogger for Huffington Post’s education  page
ISTE 2017 Diversity Advisory group
Four time finalist for the Texas TCEA Librarian of the Year award (2007, 2011, 2014)

Authored articles/Publications:

Skype (School Library Journal, January 2008)
It’s a Mad Mad Wordle (School Library Journal, July 2009)
Ramping up Your Library Website (School Library Journal, January 2010)
Empowering Students for Life (Multimedia Schools,  March 2010)
Everyday Advocacy (School Library Journal, August 2010)
Checking Out the iPad ( Multimedia Schools, November/December 2010)
Librarians as Leaders (TechEdge, February 2011)
E-Books: Just Jump In (Library Media Connection, Jan/Feb 2011)
Tech Tools for Tough Times (TechEdge, November 2011)
Learning Together: the Evolution of a 1:1 iPad program (Internet @Schools, January 2012)
Backchanneling on the Front Burner (Library Media Connection, May/June 2012)
Power of Gaming (Internet @ Schools Idea Watch column, May/June 2012)
BYOT to the Library   (Tech Edge, September 2012)
Data Delivery:  Getting the Story Out  (Internet @ Schools Idea Watch column Sept 2012)
iPads for Everyone  (School Library Journal, October 2012)
The 1:1 Experience (Internet @ Schools Idea Watch November/December 2012)
Innobrarians:  Librarians as Innovators  (Internet @ Schools Idea Watch  Jan/Feb 2013)
From Professional Development to Personalized Learning (Library Media Connection Jan 2013)
Live-Blogging Learning (Internet @ Schools Idea Watch  March/April 2013)
For E-books the Future is Now…Maybe  (Internet @ Schools  May/June 2013)
Project Advocacy column:  What are We Afraid Of? (School Library Journal  May 2013)
Project Advocacy column: An Action Plan for All Seasons (School Library Journal August 2013)
Making Space for STEM in the Library (Tech Edge 2013)
Idea Watch column Making Space for Makerspaces (Internet @ Schools Sept 2013)

Project Advocacy column What’s Your Story? Making a Powerful Case for Library (School Library Journal October 2013)
Idea Watch column  Embracing Mobile Learning (Internet @ Schools November 2013)

Project Advocacy column Let’s All Get Connected  (School Library Journal January 2014)
Idea Watch column   Dissecting ebooks and Libraries (Internet @ Schools March 2014)
Project Advocacy column  School Library Redesigns are Advocacy Opportunities  (School Library Journal May 2014)
Idea Watch column  Twitter Edchat (Internet @ Schools September 2014)
Idea Watch column Ebooks:  What can we learn from Students? (Internet @ Schools  January 2015)
Idea Watch column Wear to Learn? Wearable Technology (Internet @ Schools May  2015)
Schools Libraries: Leading the Way to the Future  (School Library Connection October 2015)
Idea Watch column Beyond Makerspaces: Reinventing Libraries for the Future (Internet @ Schools November 2015)
Reinventing Libraries for the Future: Part Two (Internet @ Schools March 2016)
Gale Databases Integrate Google Apps (School Library Journal March 2016)
Building Success with Career and College Literacies (Knowledge Quest April/May 2016)
Idea Watch column  Getting on Board with the DOE’s Future Ready Initiative (Internet @ Schools September 2016)
Belltones In Memoriam:  Mary Ann Bell (Internet @ Schools November 2016)
Are You A Future Ready Librarian?  (School Library Connection Jan/Feb 2017)
From School To Smithsonian: The Great Excursion (School Library Connection October 2018)
Future Ready Library Spaces: A Team Approach (Knowledge Quest Jan/Feb 2019)


Introductory chapter in book No Shelf Required II (from ALA Press)
Chapter in New Landscape of Mobile Learning: Redesigning Education in an App Based World
Essay in the Fight Against Book Bans
Essay in Twenty Things to do with a Computer: Forward 50

included in these articles:

Westlake teacher, librarian take Art History on the Road (April 2019)
Not Your Grandfather’s Library Tech Learning (February 2016)
21st Century Libraries:  The Learning Commons in Edutopia (January 2015)
Education Week Magazine article, “School Libraries Seek Relevance Through Virtual Access.”(February 2010)
“Mattering in the School Blogosphere” in American Libraries Magazine in May 2007
A Little Help from My Friends in School Library Journal, October 2007.


Past presentations:

Utah UCET/UELMA Conference Keynote March 2024 (upcoming)
Telegraphing the Future

Southern Westchester BOCES School Library System keynote 2023
Being Proactive: Tips to Fight Censorship

Nebraska Library Association Keynote 2022
Working Together to fight for Intellectual Freedom

SXSWEDU 2022 Keynote

Keynote: When Culture Wars Come to Schools

TXLA Conference 2022 session
Fighting for Intellectual FReadom

Computers in Libraries 2021 (Virtual)

Libraries’ Biggest Challenges & Solutions for the Future (Panel)


10 Minute Teacher Podcast – How to Design Learning Spaces in Libraries 2020

TCEA 2020

Help Research Come Alive for Students

SXSWEdu (March 2019)

Computers in Libraries Internet @ Schools (March 2019)

Internet Librarian Internet @ Schools 2018

What Students Say About Libraries

Computers in Libraries 2018

Designing Spaces: Person Centered Library Design

TCEA 2018

Is It Real, Or is it VR?
Alexa, Can You….

Internet Librarian Internet @ Schools 2017

Is it Real or is it VR?

ISTE 2017

Student Centered Design for Mobile Learners

iPadpalooza 2017

Learning Walk — Learning Spaces

TLA Texas Executive Leadership Immersion Conference 2017

Leadership panelist

TLA 2017

Empowering Student Voice in Library Design

ICE 2017

What’s trending: Library and consumer trends

WEMTA 2017

What’s Trending: Library Design

Internet Librarian 2016

What’s Trending in Libraries

Seguin ISD conference 2016
A Research Model

SXSWEdu 2016

Hacking Education through Libraries

TCEA 2016

Library Trends, Misconceptions and Promises
Leading an in-district Twitter Chat

Dallas ISD Library Keynote Speaker August 2015

How to be a Library Hero

TCEA 2015

Being a Librarian in a 4:1 World

Internet Librarian 2015

Design with Intention: Redesigning Library Spaces

Baltimore Public School Librarian Keynote Speaker August 2014

Librarians: the Best App

ALA 2014

  • President’s Panel — Summit on the Future of Libraries

iPadpalooza 2014

  • Learning Space Design

TCEA Area 7 Librarians Workshop Day 2014

Texas Library Association Conference 2014

  • The Librarian is the App (Strong Schools, Strong Scores Administrator preconference)
  • Tech Friendly, Student Friendly Library Design

Council of Facility Planners International (CEFPI) Webinar

  • Library Design for the 21st Century Learner

TCEA 2014

  • iResearch with iPad
  • Seeking Inspiration: Learning Space Design

IntegratED Portland 2014

  • Intention and Design
  • iPad apps for research

AASL Social Media Chair 2014

School Library Journal Summit Fall 2013

  • School and District Collaboration

ISTE 2013

  • iPads: Year Two

AEIOU – TCEA Area 7  Summer 2013

  • Library Redesign

Council of Educational Facility Planners 2013

Texas Library Association 2013

  • iPads:  Challenges and Opportunities 

SXSWEdu 2013

  • Flip, Blend, Connect

TCEA 2013

Internet Librarian Internet @ Schools  October 2012

Digital Shift e-conference  October 2012

Region 20 Library Roundup   September 2012

  • “Rethinking Library Design”

TCEA Area 1 Library conference   August 2012

  • Social networking for librarians
  • E-books in libraries

ISTE  June 2012

  • “When Information Becomes Mobile: Impact of 1:1 iPads on Libraries”

TASLA (Texas Association of School Library Administrators) June 2012

  • Social Networking for Library Administrators

TecSig (TCEA) Spring 2012

  • Social Networking Panel

Computers in Libraries 2012 —

  • ‘iPads in Libraries”

TCEA February 2012 —

  • “Twitterlution”
  • “iPads in Libraries”
  • “Live-Blogging with CoveritLIve”(workshop)
  • 21st century Library Design

Tech Forum Texas November 2011-

  • “Tapping Into the Backchannel”
  • Social media panel

TLA Region 7 October 2011–

  • Keynote: “What librarians can learn from Apple”
  •  “Social Networking for libraries”
  •  “Battle of the e-books”

ABC-Clio webinar October 2011–

  • “Tech Tools You Can’t LIve Without”

TASB Learning Pavilion September 2011 –

  • ” Impact of technology on libraries”

TCEA Area 7  June 2011 –

  • “Oodles of e-books”

Region XI SALSA conference June 2011 –

  • Keynote: “What Librarians can learn from Apple”

TCEA February 2011 –

  • 21st Century Libraries



follow me:  on gmail, twitter, delicious and slideshare, wikispaces, Ning, or pbworks–I am technolibrary.   Old materials can be found at  Connected Libraries and EISDworkshops.wikispaces.com..

14 thoughts on “About

  1. As I obsessively search the web for signs that my new book is being read, I see that that, in fact, it is, by you. I very much hope that you enjoy the book and I thank you for your support.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post about “The Ripe Environment.” I really think that your questions are right on, especially about teachers not knowing about the value of their own contributions. How do you think that we can value one onother’s contributions other than by using them in the classroom, or by providing monitary rewards? Do you think that collaborative value is enough to keep people collaborating? It is for me, but perhaps not for everyone.

  3. Hi Caroline,

    How appropriate that the anti spam word on your blog was ‘gidday’! I’m a teacher-librarian at an all girls secondary college from Melbourne, Australia, who is also interested in Web 2.0 and the changing world of school libraries. We’re using Wikis to move our staff along and are having success. We run a student book club and I’m really interested in setting up a blog or wiki whereby connections can be made with young adult reader’s in other countries. If you have any students interested in this I’d love to know about it. I’m going to add you to my RSS feeds so that I can learn from you. Hope to engage in dialogue with a like minded soul across the globe.

  4. I just got your comment about my “I Will..” post

    I am glad you liked it. I actually live in the shadow world, since web 2.0 tools are relentlessly filtered in our school. But I keep advocating. Maybe someday…..

    I sure wish my blog allowed folks to leave an email address. One of these days I should migrate to another blog host. I am just to lazy to get going. Anyway – I recognized your name and went searching for your blog. I will definitely add your blog to my blogroll. Hope the post is useful for your workshop.

  5. I really enjoy your blog. I hope it is okay that I have listed it on the front page of PrincipalsPage. com this week. I thought my readers would enjoy it.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Carolyn: The next step for the teachers I worked with is to return to their individual schools and begin setting up student and subject blogs. I am fortunate that I brought along teachers with me so I can work alongside them in creating and assisting in creating blogs. I cannot wait for this school year to start.

  7. Carolyn – I read your comment on another blog that said you were able to get Skype to help you make it safer to use for schools. I couldn’t find anything on their site about that. It is blocked at our school and all our students have laptops. Any information you can give would be great.
    Ruth Hanson

  8. Carolyn,
    Hope you are enjoying your summer! I was tagged to take part in a meme started by Joyce Valenza. You are mentioned a couple of times in the post.
    The post I considered one of my best reflection pieces came from one of your posts.

    I hate “tagging” people in memes, so instead I mention folks I’d love to see take part if they so desire. I mentioned you there, also.

  9. Congratulations. Your blog has been nominated for our Library Blog Awards. In fact, your blog was suggested more than once. We’re in the process of assembling information about all those nominated and will be sending a short questionaire, including the categories of awards and the judges involved. Would you please send me your email address so that I can send you the questionaire? If your email is on your blog, I couldn’t locate it.

    Thanks in advance,
    Peter W Tobey

  10. Hi Carolyn,

    My name is Jessica Schram and I am the Director of Public Relations for Student Voice. We are thrilled you mentioned your conversation with Zak in your blog “Where is student voice at SXSWedu” and love that you share our vision of a future where students are partners in designing their educational experience.

    We’d love to keep you in the loop about future Student Voice endeavors and invite you to our events like out upcoming “Student Voice Live!” in New York. Please reach out to me via email at your convenience so I can add you to our list of supporters.

    We appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for education. Keep up the great work!


  11. Dear Carolyn Foote:
    I just read the CNN article about the important work that you and your colleagues are doing in fighting book bans. I am an adult librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library. How can my librarian colleagues and I join your effort?
    Best Regards,
    Frieda Afary

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