Libraries from Now On– Summing up the Summit

Continuing with the liveblogged notes– Consultant and future-thinker Joan Frye Williams closed out the conference by summing up the themes she heard emerging throughout the Summit.   Throughout the two days, she circulated through the tables, looked at the brainstorming boards, and gathered some threads together for the closing statements of the Summit, and discover “what is the library ‘from now on?” Below are my liveblogged notes from her discerning comments:  (many of these are direct quotes…or my summary of her words) Summit is an opportunity […]

Library Summit “Future from Now On”

 In honor of transparency, I’m liveblogging my notes from ALA’s Libraries From Now On Summit.  At a later date, I’ll interpret and process some of these notes. We’re gathered in the member’s room of the Library of Congress to listen to a variety of provocational speakers today at the Libraries From Now On Summit, and are playing round robin tables in order to foster discussion of future trends we are identifying. Barbara Stripling welcomed attendees with a  fitting Dr. Seuss quote – “My alphabet starts […]

Asking the questions — Libraries “From Now On”

I’m very excited to say that I’m headed to the Library of Congress tomorrow for a Summit convened by ALA, entitled “Libraries From Now On.”  The Summit is  a think tank event  where we will be doing some deep pondering about how libraries are developing into the future. Attendees range from representatives from Google and the MacArthur Foundation to various agencies in DC, like the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the National Archives, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, to public and […]