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In 2008, we opened a vibrant new library “Research Center” after an extensive renovation process.We conducted student and staff surveys, compiled image books of photographs, did extensive reading on library design, did site visits, and compiled a list of the “key ideas” we wanted to be reflected in our physical space.

As an overview, I’ve compiled a number of posts on my blog that track the design and renovation process:


CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) Conference:  Library Design for 21st Century Learners

TXLA 2014 Presentation  Student Friendly Library Design

TCEA 2013 Presentation  Library Design: Continuing Conversations

TCEA 2012 Presentation  Rethinking Library Design

TCEA Area 1  Presentation Library Design:  Inexpensive Ideas

Blog posts:

Thinking About Library Design

Redesigning Library 2.0


Story of Stuff–How Libraries Can Help

Playful Spaces

Other Resources

Leander ISD Library remake albums

My Pinterest collection:  Library Design

My flickr Idea photo collections:  Design;  Design set

My Scoopit page:  21st Century Classroom ideas

Delicious bookmarks;  Library Design materials

Helpful and creative books:

Language of School Design by Prakish Nair, Randall Fielding, and Dr. Jeffrey Lackney.

The Third Teacher (Cannon Design)

The Library Book:  Design Collaborations by Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi

Make Space (Stanford Institute of Design)

Other helpful resources:

David Jakes Designing Spaces that Reflect What we Know

Robin Hood foundation library renovations

The School Libraries Project (D.C.)

Hillbrook Schools iLabs (flexible furniture; collab lab space)

Learning Commons wiki (links to library design)

Extreme Classroom Makeover (Marianna Husain)

The Learning “Hub” design space (Kim Cofino)

Kids Republic Bookstore design (China)

David Jakes Presentation:  Revision

Model Programme for Public Libraries (From Danish Agency of Culture;  excellent guiding ideas, examples)

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